Yes! Yes! Yes!

Selador Sessions 119

My head in the clouds, feet firmly on the ground!

It's not every day you get to collaborate with the cream of the crop, yet here I am proudly making my Selador Sessions debut,

Some beautiful tracks there ranging from Dave Seaman , Steve Parry, Danny Howells ending with the exceptional Just Her " Will we ever learn"

fresh from playing in Brighton with Sasha and Digweed!

oh yeh, and don't foget my new track ,"Hour Of Wonk"

Get on Soundcloud and check out my mix and other exciting Mighty Selador sessions!

Ship Shape for Sasha?

As WattrWorld Resident DJ I am proud to host some of the most talented artists in the world to join our crew.

However, batten down the hatches as they simply do not come greater than this man!

It is my sincere and genuine honour to welcome Sasha on board to Captain our musical ship!

Sasha Tour Dates

Update 17th Aug:

Wow! What a fantastic party that was guys, check out the photographs here!!

Sasha smashed it and it was wonderful to share the decks with him.

Thank you for your support and making it such a special day.

Below is part of my closing set as thanks. Click through into Soundcloud for even more!


Sensational Selador

Hour Of Wonk Release

Delighted to make my debut on Dave Seaman & Steve Parry's world leading Selador Recordings


"We present Paul Sparkes, a Brit with a truly global CV. Here at Selador HQ, we can never get enough wonkiness, so when Paul delivered Hour of Wonk, we knew we had a winner. Alas it is 6 minutes rather than 60, but that time is packed full of truly righteous, uplifting sounds."

Support for this release includes Adriatique, Dubfire, Hernan Cattaneo, Superflu, Tim Engelhart, FKA Mash, BOg, Luke Brancaccio, Nicolas Masseyeff....




Back to new basics!

Getting back to basics digging out some classics with a showcase of my new tracks to keep things fresh.

Live in the mix this Friday and Saturday at midnight on @radio_decibel with @andre_zomerhuis 

Listen live here! Recording to follow!

Progressive Patrice Bäumel

Join me setting sail with pitch perfect Patrice Bäumel!

A Global influencer and a true gentleman of the industry takes us on a magical journey into the l.e.d night!

Looking forward to this one!

Listen right here or check out the set in Soundcloud!

Check out Patrice's latest adventures!

Let's have a floating Festival!

4 Sail Ships, 8dj's.

You saw it here first! Check out this phenomenal line up!

Join this extraviganza of diverse dj's, quality sets and make memories on board our stunning historical "Festival" ships. See you on Saturday sailors!

The Soundgarden Showcase

Nick Warren's wildly successful and exciting Soundgarden Concept is setting sail with the WattrWorld crew!

A glorious blend of Ibiza to Berlin with a wonderful Swiss twist. Should be very special indeed!!

Permission to come aboard is granted

Watch out!

The Bear Released from the audio forrest!

It is now safe to go down to the woods today and I am sure you are in for a musical suprrrrise!

Well received by Capeesh Society, Danny Serrano, Dilby, Horatio, Hoten, Hot Since 82, Imanol Molina, James Cole, Jansons, Julian Millan, Karotte, Londonground, Nicole Moudaber, Nox, Oscar L, Oxia, Philipp Straub, Ruben Mandolini, Sasch BBC, Steve Lawler, Technasia, Toni Varga..



 I need Therapy! So do you!

Ship Ahoy!

Rotterdam welcomes the WattrWorld crew! Really looking forward to this one, top city and amazing people!

To host a responsible party will be subject to Corona regulations so get your tickets fast!

Celebrate with us!

This one is for you Jerry!

He may not be with us anymore however his legacy lives on through us all on the dancefloor. 

Listen on The Groove Collection Podcast

Butter Chicken Delivered 

Creamy, rich with just the right blend of harmonic spices out now to please the pallet.

Place your order now on Soundcloud

Where would we be without music?!

Caught up with DMCWorld Magazine for a cozy fireside chat. Peek behind the curtain about some tracks that influenced me and my career.

Spoiler alert, there may be some surprises in store!

The Bird is out of it's cage 

Short, sweet with a clean melodic tweet.

More to come with this one but here is a teaser.

Check it out on Soundcloud

The Soundgarden Takes to the Seas

Playing with the legend that is Sir Nick Warren and MAGA on our beautiful vessel!

The Soundgarden launch to glacial waters with a backdrop of stunning blue skies! 

We had a wonderful surprise with Patrice Bäumel bringing a smile coming along to support our crew!

What an incredible experience.

Thank you Nick , MAGA and all that attended making this an incredible day!!!

 Back in the mix!

Smashing it at AMW!

Feels wonderful to be playing with the famous  Amsterdam's Most Wanted station!

Tough times call for tough music.

Join in and dance the night away!


Listen to my set here!

Music is most wanted and medicinal!

Syncronize the clocks and join me live on welcomed by the incredibly talented Sous Debois founding father of AMW

Be as fashionably late as your heart desires!

9pm Amsterdam / 8pm London / 3pm New York / 12 LA / 9am Honolulu /4am Tokyo

 This one is for the King! Gelukkige verjaardag!!!

Ever wanted to see a country let its hair down all at once?

Then Kingsday is that day...there is nothing like it being yet another reason to love the Netherlands!.

To participate in the celebrations,  join me and friends playing in the hallowed Panama on its almighty Pioneer state of the art sound system!

ClubNL Virtual Sessions 2

You wanted more!

The mantra remains the same

Dear family please...Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Connected!

Join us in our cozy ClubNL living room from the comfort of your own home! 

As before, We can and will get through this as long as we stick virtually together..

Tune into our livestream here! (Recording to follow)

ClubNL Virtual Sessions

Right into your living room!

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Connected!

Extrodinary times call for extrodinary solutions.

Of course we want you in our ClubNL living room however until we can deliver, how about we serve this up for now! 

We can and will get through this as long as we stick virtually together..

Tune into our livestream here! (Recording to follow)

Thinking of you and yours!

It deeply saddens me to have had to cancel our night however your saftey comes first!

It feels very strange as I haven’t missed a gig here in 13 years.

Hope we will all be back soon to the collective experience of dancing together.

Stay Safe

Stay Home

Stay Connected!

Save the last dance for P..!

Not Sure how this will go given the dreadful circumstances however, until told otherwise there is a 6 hour set in store. Stay posted for any developments as things keep changing by the hour!

Look after yourselves people and we will ensure we host the party as safely and responsibly as possible in these very strange days!

Paul x


TenOne Release Alert

Sela...Hell ja!!!!

Out now

Delivering some straight up dance floor House Music in the form of ‘Sela’.

Representing a shift in sound away from Paul’s usual techier releases, we are very excited to premier this new direction for Paul on Ten One.

On remix duty we have Ten One artists ACI TONA with a chunky yet spacey interpretation and @air_jackson_ applying his trademark melodic slant.

You can now exclusively stream this release on Spotify or download a copy from Beatport.

Full global release will happen on Monday 9th of March.